Freshly Mopped Floor: The Cure For Winter Blues?


 Spring is just around the corner.  With each passing day I feel myself breaking loose the fetters of winter blues.  Every year I reach this point; that point where I look down at the insulation winter added to me, and decide to write an eviction letter.  I want to slip into my walking shoes and walk off the cobwebs of my hibernation.  The weather will not cooperate.  Rain again and no end in sight. 

     Compromise: The stereo volume nears maximum.  I dance around my home sweeping away the dust that has accumulated and the stale smell of months without an open window.  Oops, turn that can around; Lemon Pledge perfume, bravo.  The aroma of Lysol replaces that strange fishy smell in the refrigerator as I gyrate to ‘Bad Moon Rising’.  Will I ever learn to lock the water and ice dispenser before washing it?  Oh well, an excuse to mop the floor. 

     Favorite song dance break… “Let’s hear it for the boy; let’s give the boy a hand.”  The mop makes an excellent dance partner, and microphone.  There is satisfaction in seeing a freshly mopped floor.  I feel accomplished.

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  1. It’s great to be alive, even through the drudgery of Winter don’t you agree? Love

    Shirley Anne x

    By the way, I love those shoes!

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