Swing to the Beat


     When I was dating my now husband, he introduced me to a dance style I had seen and heard of but had never done before.  One evening he took me to a beautiful dance hall that offered a short class prior to an open dance.  It was that evening that I danced the Lindy Hop for the first time.  I had never been to a dance quite like it before.  High School dances and wedding receptions are nothing like going to a social dance.  I was in awe.

     It was like a clip from an old black and white movie.  Everyone was dancing and having a blast.  There were no wall flowers sitting on the sidelines.  There were no shy boys trying to muster the courage to ask a gal to join him.  The music was fun and infectious; the movements, exciting; the people, enthusiastic; and I was captivated.

      The Lindy Hop is a dance style that emerged in the 1920s.  It is loosely based on Jazz, Tap, Breakaway and the Charleston.  The dance evolved and really took off in the 30s when it began showing up in Hollywood movies, increasing its popularity.  I don’t know a lot about its history, but I do know it is a highly athletic dance that certainly burns off the calories.

     Over the past year we haven’t had much of an opportunity to go dancing.  I spent many months experiencing intense back pain due to a bad mattress.  The dance hall we loved to go to is an hour away from our home.  It just was not a priority in our life but it was never far from our thoughts.

     Recently we found a community center near our home that offers the same short classes followed by an open dance session.  The hall does not have the same historic beauty as the hall in Seattle but the excitement and enthusiasm is definitely there.  We joined a session last week and will be attending regularly.  In addition the husband was inspired to sign us up for regular classes at a hall in Seattle.  With our calendar now marked twice a week, at two separate dance halls, we should be back in the ‘swing’ of things in no time.

     Thanks to a generous gift of a new bed from my parents, my back pain is nothing more than a memory.  Tonight the husband and I will be dancing our toes off and hopefully shedding pounds of winter insulation as well.  Dancing has always been my preferred form of exercise.  It is so nice to have a man who truly enjoys joining me on the dance floor.  So many men see it as a chore, to keep the wife happy.  I feel blessed.  Now all I have to do is talk him in to Latin dance classes.

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