What Do You Do If Your 14 Year Old Son Comes Home With This On His Arm?

     Today my godson stopped by for a visit.  His mother pointed to his arm saying, “Look what his father did?”  I was in shock.  I didn’t understand what I was seeing at first.  I thought it was fake; a sharpie marker drawing.  They urged ne to touch it and feel for myself that it was in fact real.

     I could hardly look at it as reality set in.  I took his face in both my hands and cried, “What have you done?”  I told him that I wanted to slap him for doing this.  He told me sincerely to go ahead, so I did.  I couldn’t look at it anymore and retreated to the kitchen to do the dishes.  As I did, the rest of the story was told to me.

     I was told that this was his father’s gift to him because the father had stolen money from the boy.  I was told that, no, they did not go to a salon to have this done.  This was done by the father’s own inept hands.  It wasn’t until I loaded the photo onto my computer hours later that I saw just how awful the tattoo really is (Click photo for closer view).  It was then that I saw all the mistakes in the drawing.  It was then that I saw how shaky it was.

     So realistically; what do you do when your 14 year old son comes home from a visit with his father, with a really bad tattoo on his arm?  You can’t kill the son or the father for this disaster; that opens a whole can of problematic worms.  The mother can not afford the medical procedures necessary to remove this.  She can’t even afford the lawyer it would take to sue the father to pay for it, not to mention the fact that the father does not have enough money to pay child support much less for the Dr.’s bill.  This can’t just be washed away with bleach.

     Now this poor child will be judged by all of his friend’s parents as being ‘trouble’; all because of the negligent actions of his father.  I’m in shock…  What a terrible thing to do to your own son.  This is now a permanent mark of a father’s unskilled, poor judgment.  I guess I will just pray that this is the last time this father will be able to influence his son; though I know it will probably just be the first of many to come.

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